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Welcome to Bliss of London

At ‘Bliss of London’ the quest for perfection is a passion in all that we do. The philosophy of the company is formed around creating saddles which encompass the intricacy of custom saddle fitting for both horse and rider alongside the insight for design that our discerning clients’ demand.

For centuries English saddles have been designed and made to achieve contact, control and partnership between horse and rider. The Bliss timeless, classic style, superior performance and exceptional individuality embody all the values on which the celebrated reputation of the brand is based. It is with reverence to this history allied with the very essence of English riding that the spirit of ‘Bliss of London’ is inextricably linked.

The Bliss team is made up of highly respected industry professionals who together share your enthusiasm for sport horses and competition and we realise that there are times when only the very best equipment will get the very best results. We have become World renowned for our unique saddle designs and construction furthermore complimented by our exemplary service and advice. 

We believe passionately that by coming together we create a start, by staying together we form bonds and by working together we create success.

Bliss is a unique experience.

Put your trust in Bliss this Valentine’s Day

The age old saying, ‘A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girls best friend’ is no more prevalent than on February 14th , diamonds can be found in the most unlikely of places, and if you are looking to ‘wow’ your loved one this Valentine’s Day have you considered diamonds mounted on their saddle?

Created out of love, passion and dedication to the equestrian industry, a Bliss of London saddle means more to riders than just an essential piece of equine equipment. The care and attention to detail in every single product provides customers with a unique product to enhance and strengthen the bond between horse and rider. True equestrianism is all about partnership and there is not a horse lover in the world that given the opportunity would turn down the chance to improve this.

Until recently the combination in the saddle world of performance, comfort, fit and beauty has been hard to come by, however the saddle designers at Bliss of London has created a unique brand, which offers all of the above.

The team of skilled craftsmen involved in creating every single Bliss of London saddle, are dedicated to providing a totally tailor made product, with the finishing touches chosen by you. Whether this is diamonds, rubies or sapphires teamed with gold or platinum detailing and some of the world’s most exotic leathers, every part of your saddle can be customised to create something as unique and special as the person you love.

Choosing a Bliss of London saddle for the person closest to your heart this Valentine’s Day will undoubtedly show your love and understanding for their passion. Take the pressure off this February 14th and invest in true partnership, between horse and rider, and between you and the one that you love.

The Times. English Saddlery.

English Saddlery Design.

For generations the saddlery market has been the epitome of English heritage, elegance and style. The chosen sport for many of our Royal family whether 3 Day Eventing, Dressage, Flat Racing or Polo. Even the term for riding astride is known the world over as English Riding. So with this most illustrious of heritage how are today’s top English saddle makers taking on the increased competition from Europe to ensure that even in these changing times English Saddles are still the most sought after in the world.

Whilst it is true that the external design of the saddle has certainly become a key factor in saddlery, first and foremost the emphasis is on how the saddle fits the horse. This is something Nikki Newcombe, Managing Director of bespoke saddle makers Bliss of London, is a firm believer in. “There has to be a balance between the craftsman’s exceptional technique and a designer’s vision,” she states. “Yes, customers want a saddle which looks amazing, and feels luxurious, however they also want their horse to perform at its very best and feel that the saddle unifies their partnership and enhances their connection, contact and control.”

“We have noticed many differing demands from our clients and these form the basis of Bliss of London’s objectives,” Nikki goes on to say. “For example, riders want to feel that ‘broken in’ feel straight away so soft and supple leather is a necessity and we have sourced some of the most luxurious leathers from around the globe to offer customers something ‘above average’ and exceptional.”

“The saddlery market is becoming more and more bespoke,” Nikki explains. “Clients are now asking for individual styling on their saddles to demonstrate their personality and tastes. This can be anything from contrasting stitching, contrasting leather finishes, diamantes or quilting and with access to modern technology we can now offer traditional British craftsmanship, along with cutting edge design, which makes this a very exciting time in the industry!”

“We do of course have our more traditional customers that insist on the classic understated elegance that is more familiar and will always be produced at Bliss’s workshops in England alongside our other unique and personalised saddles”.

 “Saddle manufacturing has gone full circle,” Nikki says. “Many years ago saddle making was not about production savings and speed, it was about creating a true luxury item which demonstrated artisan’s skill, with hours of time lavished upon them to ensure that perfection was achieved. Customers are now once again insisting on quality, craftsmanship, reputation and service, along with a saddle that is fitted to both horse and rider, whilst still allowing for creative freedom. All this is at the heart of Bliss of London’s philosophy.”
To find out more about the Bliss of London collection tel: 0207 1188 123.

Bliss supports modern day horse heroes.

On 13th January 2012, English Saddlery company, Bliss of London celebrated their support for international animal welfare organisation, the Brooke with the presentation of Steven Spielberg’s epic film, War Horse. The glamorous ‘Red Carpet’ event took place in London and was attended by around 150 invited guests from all sectors of the equestrian community, including ITV’s Alastair Stewart.

As lifelong family supporters of the Brooke, it was an obvious choice for Bliss of London’s founder and creative driving force, Nikki Newcombe, to support the charity, “My mother started supporting the Brooke over 40 years ago after reading about their work.” The work the organisation does is inspiring; in fact I recently found my own supporters Junior Club Card from 1981! I am so pleased that we can work with the Brooke to help improve animal welfare internationally.”

“For me the evening was full of emotion,” Nikki goes on to say. “From the outset, I was determined that Bliss of London would never be just ‘another saddle manufacturer’. We have worked tirelessly to create something I believe is lacking in an already busy market place; a truly elegantly designed range of English Saddles that offers each and every client an individual choice. There are custom made saddles, and then there is a Bliss of London saddle, the distinction is outlined by the passion and dedication delivered from experience and knowledge; the end result being a symbol of personality, passion, and dedication, something I know all riders understand.”

Over the coming year, Bliss of London aims to make significant donations to this exceptional charity, helping improve the lives of working equines in some of the world’s poorest communities, providing veterinary treatment and community programmes across Africa, Asia and Latin America. “Some of the figures are shocking,” Nikki says. “According to the Imperial War Museum, of the one million horses sent to the Western Front during conflict, only 67,000 returned home. These animals truly are war heroes.”

“We are delighted that Bliss of London has chosen to support the Brooke and we look forward to working together over the coming year,” said Petra Ingram, chief executive of the Brooke. In the last year, the Brooke reached more than 900,000 working horses, donkeys and mules, benefiting millions of the world’s poorest people.

For more information about Bliss of London visit or ‘like’ them on Facebook: To find out more about the thought provoking work carried out by the Brooke visit:

War Horse Presentation.

Bliss of London are holding a very special by invitation only launch party for the announcemment of our support for The Brooke Charity.

On Friday January 13th 2012 we will be hosting one of the first showings in the UK of the spectacular new movie 'War Horse' directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie which has won so much critical aclaim is set spanning four years during the 1st Wold War. The story is of Joey's journey; from becoming the mount for a brave English officer (Tom Hiddleston), to a German workhorse, to a gift from God for a dying little girl. Spielberg gives us a glimpse of the waste of war – and of all the soldiers, both young and old, who never deserved to die.

The film is genuine in its emotion, unflinching in its reality, epic in its grandiosity, effective in its performances, and imaginative in its storytelling.

Charity Registration Number 1085760

Bliss of London is delighted to be announcing its support for The Brooke over the coming years.

The event is our way to pay a fitting tribute to Dorothy Brooke who founded the charity in 1934 by establishing a hospital for ex-war horses in a dusty Cairo street. The Brooke has become the leading international welfare charity for working equine welfare.

There are currently around 100 million working horses, donkeys and mules in the developing
world, transporting people and goods. All of them play an essential role in the livelihoods of an estimated 600 million people.

During the course of their working lives, more than half of these animals suffer malnutrition,
exhaustion, disease and injury, often compounded by a lack of accessible and affordable animal health services. These problems can be avoided.

The Brooke is an international charity dedicated to improving the welfare of working horses,
donkeys and mules through direct veterinary treatment and community programmes to improve animal health and well-being.

The Brooke also work with individuals, institutions and governments to encourage changes to policy,
benefiting the welfare of working equine animals.

The Brooke's goal is to improve the welfare of two million working horses, donkeys and mules every year, by 2016.

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